Celebrating 13 marvellous years with Mitzi


This pretty little lady is 13 years old. Apparently Mitzi and her two brothers were found dumped in a shoe box as tiny kittens before being looked after by one of your wonderful foster carers. I adopted her when she was just 12 weeks old.


I remember that day well - going into the kitten enclosure with my eye on a different kitten; Mitzi had other ideas. She climbed on to my lap, started purring and refused to move - obviously it was meant to be. Back then, it was just Mitzi and me; today life is far more hectic with a husband, three kids and two other fur babies. But Mitzi (aka Minnie or Schnitzel) has taken it all in her stride and is a very much-loved member of our family.


I feel so lucky that she chose me! Lisa xx