Magical Maisy


This is Maisy, who's been with us for nearly two years now. From the moment we met - when she looked me straight in the eye with such intelligence and character - I knew I had to take her home.

The rest of the family was pretty easily convinced that she was the one, and she's been adored ever since.


Maisy was supposed to be an indoor cat so we built her an outdoor enclosure. However, right from the start she was determined to play outside and in the end she prevailed.


Her favourite thing is to entice us outside and play chasings or hide-and-seek, and she certainly makes gardening much more fun. I think if she could swing it so she could go for runs with us her world would be complete.


We love Maisy, she's playful, chatty and affectionate. We're very grateful to the Cat Protection Society for saving this friendly stray.